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8 October 2007

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Red Junglefowl on goat
very appreciated.

Garfield on goat
Well composed, and I like the girl's shadow!

Red Junglefowl on ostrich

Red Junglefowl on Helmeted Guineafowl
Thank you so much.

zahra on Helmeted Guineafowl
very nice.

Fusao on ostrich
nice shot!

Red Junglefowl on otauesai
شكرا جزيلا.

zahra on otauesai
very nice.

Red Junglefowl on ninth birthday
Thank you so much.

Sash on ninth birthday
Happy Birthday to her. I hope she's having/she had a wonderful day. This low lighting makes the image rather ...

Red Junglefowl on moon

Curly on moon
Looks pretty good to me.

Red Junglefowl on my son got his own camera
Very appreciated. I am also happy that I could share my hobby with my son.

24x36mm on my son got his own camera
Oh, how nice it would of been for us to start photography at such a young age. I wish your son many great opportunities ...

Red Junglefowl on my son got his own camera
thank you so much.

Teresa on my son got his own camera
Canon AE-1 Program was my very first camera back in the 80's. I wish I had kept it. I hope your son has many ...

timothy on Tengu
great image! 偉い!

timothy on Joutoushiki
great shot; wonderful composition!

Daroru on Shogi
Such seriousness! Love the concentration! And a lot of love in the adult's expression.

Daroru on birthday
Love the sincerity in the shot.

Daroru on run
Such a sweet, energetic image.

Red Junglefowl on snack time
very appreciated, annora.

annora on snack time
nice b&w

Red Junglefowl on icecream
Thanks a lot, Nick.

Nick on icecream
Cute portrait!

Red Junglefowl on run
thanks a lot! when i tested my winder, i took this by chance.

Kheoh Yee Wei on run
Wow,Great timing,she was floating in the air ! Her expression was priceless indeed.

Ian Bramham on run
wonderful joyous photo!

Red Junglefowl on run
Coriander> Very appreciated for your visiting.

Coriander on run
This picture is pure joy. Thank you for putting a smile in my heart.

Red Junglefowl on birthday
>Steph Thanks a lot.

Steph on birthday
Good capture, nice expression 2 years old but she know what she want...

Red Junglefowl on summer in Japan
>blundershot thanks a lot for your visiting.

blundershot on summer in Japan
great capture of people interacting with their environment

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